Sunday, July 19, 2009


One week later, both samsars have been paid (yes, I paid samsar number one a small fee as well), as has been my security deposit and rent. I have an official lease, and have signed up with the local utilities company for water and electricity. I have scrubbed my new apartment from top to bottom, have fallen even more in love with it, and have made various trips to Marjane for household necessities (such as sheets, plates, trash cans, pillows). I am now the proud owner of a small fridge and TV (although neither is in my possession yet; I am awaiting delivery tomorrow), and plan to make an order for basic furnishings toward the middle of this week.

These various expenses mean that I am a bit strapped for daily cash, and my old apartment is in a bit of disarray as I have begun to transfer items to the new place – but none of that matters.

I’m so excited!

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